North Hills, Raleigh NC

Parking Deck at North Hills in Raleigh North Carolina – April 2017 (permanent installation)



The North Hills property knew they wanted to showcase an NC artist on the parking decks in the new Midtown Plaza area. They had compiled a short list of mainly abstract artists (I made that list via my Soup series) – but upon further thought, they decided… “We need a noun.” That’s when I was contacted. We put together a few mock-ups and finally decided on the noun; paper airplanes, as in “I’ll meet you by the paper airplanes.”

The project began immediately. I created 3 paper airplane pieces at 1/12 scale (1 inch original equalling 1 foot final). The original pieces are 16″ x 32″, 20″ x 40″, and 25″ x 50.” From high resolution scans by Dot Editions (Asheville) outdoor framed banners were created for the parking structures from 16 feet x 32 feet to 25 feet x 50 feet.

I never imagined seeing my work at such a large scale. It continues to blow me away every time I have an opportunity to see them in person.


You can visit the installation at: 

305 Church at N Hills St, Raleigh, NC 27609

North Hills Website:

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